Health Change Journal (exercising for 45 minutes 5 days a week)

– 1) Indicate the specific health behaviour, describing and operationalizing it in clearly defined terms. ONLY ONE specific behaviour and not a set of behaviours to change
– thinking about aerobic or HITT exercising for 45 minutes daily 5 days a week

2) take a starting baseline frequency assessment of the behaviour for one week.  If you have selected healthier eating, for example, with a specific focus on increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits, you will want to record your current, pre-change baseline consumption. Because this must be specific and measurable, you will need to express this in some kind of common and understandable unit. The Canada Food Guide (2011) uses a definition of a serving as ½ of a cup, so that would be a good one to adopt and use.  To record your daily pre-change baseline for a week, you will want to use a frequency chart to record your observations of your behaviour. Once you have chosen a health behaviour to focus on you will need to take a baseline frequency rating of this behaviour for a period of one week. For example, if the behaviour you have been thinking of changing is eating more fruits and vegetables, chart how much you currently eat. Of course, now you have to come up with a unit of measurement, such as the Canada Food Guide measure of one serving = ½ cup. Then merely observe, record, and keep a chart on the frequency of the target behaviour, and prepare a chart similar to the example below, which involves smoking

3) In the rest of this portion of your journal submission, which should be the majority of Part A, describe your history as it relates to this healthy change.  This should include when you started thinking about making it, if and how often you have tried in the past, and why you want to make it.  Completing the healthy change motivation questions and two of four healthy change exercises will help you complete this portion.  You will want to think about and discuss both your answers and any personal observations and reflections concerning this behaviour and your desire to make changes in your journal.  What immediate, short term, or long term consequences does this behaviour have in your life?  What consequences might result from changing this behaviour? 

4) Your appendices for Healthy Change Journal 01 Part A should include:
A.    A baseline of health behaviour chart
B.     Your responses to “Healthy Change Ratings” questions
C.     A filled out (choose one):
1.     “Possible Selves” worksheet, or
2.     A filled out “Superordinate Goals” worksheet
D.    A filled out (choose one):
1.     “Prefactual Thoughts” worksheet, or
2.     “Three Wishes” worksheet