Health Law

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This discussion gives you an opportunity to consider the role of nurses, their potential exposure to liability, and how they can minimize that exposure through their practice.
Initial Post:
The following article identifies six of the most common causes of malpractice claims against nurses:
Reising, D.L., & Allen, P.N. (2007). Protecting yourself from malpractice claims. American Nurse Today, 2. Retrieved from

You are assigned to the cause ” failure to communicate 

In no more than 300 words, discuss the following: 1) the cause, 2) an example of how this cause may occur in the practice of general nursing OR for an advanced practice nurse, and 3) how as a health care administrator you could reduce the potential for liability for that cause within your organization. For your discussion regarding how you could reduce the potential for liability, please cite at least one journal article to support your position. A journal article is considered to be an article from a published journal. A selection from a website that is not a journal is not considered to be appropriate for this requirement. This section should be the most significant portion of your posting. You are required to include a link to your article in your post.
Include APA style citations in text for all sources, including course materials. Remember that course materials need not be included in your references page, but all other references must be.