Healthcare Policy

  • Make sure to include citations as needed.
  • Provide a fact-based argument or rationale for your stated response. Be sure to consider not only the policy, but the broader politics of the situation.

Case Study Prompt:

You are the senior health policy advisor for the governor of your home state, New Jersey. Opponents have been attacking the governor for rising healthcare costs locally and in a recent press conference, a flustered governor told reporters that their administration was reviewing all drivers of healthcare costs and will announce recommendations to cut costs. You found this out, like everyone else, while watching the press conference. You have been asked to prepare a memo on this topic.

In this briefing memo, you must:

  • Provide an overview of current healthcare costswhat are the main drivers?
  • Offer 3-5 solutions the governor can propose to address rising healthcare costs. For each solution, provide a brief rationale for why this could be an effective way to cut costs. Feel free to think creatively here (i.e. Could public health campaigns be a driver to reducing costs long term?)
  • Provide counterpoints that could be raised by opponents for each solution. What can the governor say if challenged? .
  • Are any other states or countries implementing what you are proposing? Make sure to provide details that help you make your case.

As expected in any proper briefing memo, make sure to provide plenty of facts and proper citations for them.