HeLa Cells

Watch the 9 minute video on and write a brief summary (1-2 paragraphs) (3 points). 
– https://youtu.be/0gF8bCE4wqA

Discuss whether or not you believe you “own” cells/body parts once they are removed and why. You can strengthen your argument by providing a reference. (2 points) Articles on cell ownership Examples:  and  
Address the issue of cell ownership either from the time period addressed in the film or as it exists currently. (10 points)

Identify a problem surrounding the issue of ownership over cells.  
Start with a problem statement “Cell ownership involves moral, ethical, and financial implications.”

Identify three strategies for solving the problem.
Identify possible ethical, logical, and/or cultural dimensions that are associated with each of the strategies you identified above.
After identifying one of the above solutions, evaluate the solution and the possible impact of the solution by identifying atleast three pros and cons for that particular solution.
After you list the pros and cons, reflect on your decision-making process and identify several pieces of key information that would have been helpful for you to know to make an informed decision.

Make sure you use proper APA references.