HESC 4999: Chapter 3

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Choose 1 of the following questions and reply for your discussion :
1. For any healthcare activity, three performance factors can be measured: structure, process, and outcome. Identify one structure measure, one process measure, and one outcome measure that could be used to evaluate the following hospital admission process: 
Upon arrival, the patient reports to the hospital registration or admitting area. The patient completes paperwork and provides an insurance identification card, if insured. Often, patients register before the date of hospital admission to facilitate the registration process. An identification bracelet, including the patients name and doctors name, is placed around the patients wrist. Before any procedure is performed or any form of medical care is provided, the patient is asked to sign a consent form. If the patient is not feeling well, a family member or caregiver can help the patient complete the admission process.
2.  In your opinion, what is the one greatest barrier to ensuring the quality of data used for performance measurement purposes? Support your opinion with literature references.
3.  Query the NQMC () and identify five evidence-based performance measures related to prescribing the correct medications for patients. The measure should focus on choosing the right medication for the patients condition. List each measure, the organization or group that developed the measure, and the date the measure was published.