HESC 4999: Chapter 4

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Choose 1 of the following questions and reply for your discussion :
1.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Compare website () allows you to compare performance at hospitals throughout the United States. Go to this site and search for hospitals within 100 miles of your location. Which hospitals rate highest in each of the following measurement categories? Process of care measures Outcome of care measures Patients hospital experiences
2.  The Joint Commission Quality Check website () provides performance ratings for accredited organizations. Go to this site and look up the hospitals ranked high in performance on the CMS Hospital Compare website. Are the ratings on The Joint Commissions site similar to those reported on the CMS site? Are there differences? Which website provides the most detailed information about performance at the hospitals? Which website is easiest for consumers to use for performance assessment purposes?
3. TThis is a nonprofit group and membership is voluntary for any medical facility. Research hospitals within a 30 mile radius of Alexandria and discuss ‘finding and the grade’ assigned to each facility. Are there any deficiencies that stand to from your perspective of quality management and leadership?