Hip-Hop & the global imprint of African american culture

If you any questions lmk, the source that is needed is in the files

PLEASE REWRITE AND PROOFREAD THE PAPER BELOW.. here are the exact instructions:

The purpose of the Response Paper (RP) is to identify major points of each topic area and explore the relationship between other readings and the data we use in class. Since this course uses various theories to analyze how language and discourse construct and mediate identity, whenever possible all arguments about identity should be developed within a theory about linguistic and discursive activities. The RP is not a summary of the reading but rather an attempt to consider critical points in more detail, especially in relation to data. Do not just take arguments at face value, but try to think more deeply in your RP about the nuances of each argument. Be clear about the argument you are making. You may choose to explore in-depth one or more readings in each RP, choosing from any readings within the three weeks prior to the due date (this includes reading for the day the RP is due)