Part II: Cold War EssayYou MUST answer this question. Response should be 3-4 pages, typed and single-spaced. This essay question utilizes material from multiple lectures and textbook chapters to answer!
1. The Cold War lasted half a century and impacted every facet of American life during that span. Explain the origins of the Cold War and the tensions between the U.S. and Soviet Union. Explain the main American strategy for the Cold War and how the U.S. fought the conflict itself. What are proxy wars and limited war, give examples of each, and explain how they are different from total war? Give specific examples showing how the Cold War and the nuclear threat affected American society at home? How did the government try to mobilize the American public and keep U.S. society separate from that of the Soviets? Explain why and how the Cold War began to wind down during the 1970s and why that trend reversed in the 1980s. What factors caused the Soviet Union to collapse during the 1980s and finally end the conflict?
Part III: Essay II!!Choose ONE of these questions to answer. Responses should be 2-3 pages, typed and single-spaced.
1. The drive for African-American Civil Rights lasted for decades and finally culminated in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s. Identify and explain the two Supreme Court cases that broke the back of Jim Crow in the South. How did the South attempt to resist desegregation and how did the federal government respond? Choose at least three of the following events, summarize them, and explain how they impacted the movement: Montgomery Bus Boycott, Project C, Freedom Rides, Freedom Summer, the March on Washington, Selma-Montgomery Marches. What landmark