Please read Chapter 19 of the Yawp:
http://www.americanyawp.com/text/19-american-empire/ (Links to an external site.)
For this assignment, I would like to be certain all of you can use the internet to find and identify a primary source; that you can describe and analyze that source; that you can provide a citation so that I can find the source myself; and finally I would like to see how well you write.
Please compose an original one- to two-page paper on a topic of your choice that relates to the American imperialism and foreign policy at the turn of the Twentieth Century.
Your paper should include the following:
1. Use your textbook or another online source to construct a brief introduction to the topic.  Examples of topics for this section include “What oversees territories did the US take from Spain in the Spanish Cuban American War?” and “How did American imperialism differ from that of the European powers?” or “Why were some Americans isolationists?”
2. provide a citation and a description for a primary source document such as a contemporary newspaper report, a government document, a letter or a work of art such as a photograph or painting that you believe will help me understand more about the topic.  You can find primary sources using Google or another search engine.  You will also find many examples of primary sources at the end of each chapter of the Yawp.
Remember a primary source must be from the time period under discussion and must have been a direct observer or participant in the event under discussion.  If you need help with what you need to write about a primary source, see the article about “Analyzing a primary source” in the Resources module for a list of questions.
3.  Tell me your opinion about the historical debate or issue, and what sources you believe would help you better understand the topic.
Please use 12 point type and double line spacing for your paper.  You will be graded based on the accuracy of your description of the issue you chose, on the aptness of your choice of primary source, and on the quality of the questions you raise.