Text book- Give Me Liberty, an American Experience by Eric Foner (Brief 6th Edition) and your notes.
Chapter 14- A New Birth of Freedom: The Civil War, 18611865; 15- What Is Freedom?:
Reconstruction, 18651877
First Day (Inclusive Access) course Readings- Chapter 12- Abraham Lincoln House Divided Speech;
Chapter 14- A Letter To My Old Master, (c. 1865)
Each question is a short answer with at least 2-3 paragraphs
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Single spaced, Times New Roman, font 12
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Questions: 25 points each.
1. Abraham Lincolns House Divided Speech (pgs. 537-544) he clearly states that America was being
pulled apart due to the issue of slavery. Explain how he saw the Fugitive state law, Kansas Nebraska Act
and Dred Scott decision pulled the North and South apart? How is this political polarization still a fact
2. Why is the Civil War considered the first modern war? How did a war to preserve the Union become a
war to end slavery? (TB Chapter 14)
3. In his response to his master, A Letter To My Old Master, (pgs. 618-619), Jourdon Anderson lists his
grievances against his master. What wrongs had his master committed against him and what security did
he need to return back? Does the letter show an inclination that Jourdon would go back to his master?
4. What were the competing visions for Reconstruction? What were the social and political effects of
Radical Reconstruction in the South? (TB Chapter 15)