History of Recorded Music Final

Hi all-
your final paper is as follows:
– write 5+ pages on a musical artist/band active throughout the 1960s whose artistic output significantly evolved throughout the decade. This artist/band can be from any genre.
– discuss how your chosen artist/band’s music evolved throughout the 1960s. if your artist was also active in the 1970s, you may discuss their 1970s output too.
– discuss specifically how your chosen artist/band’s 1960s output contributed to the evolution of new musical genres that would come shortly after (e.g. some of Fusion, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Funk, Disco, Punk, etc).
– reference specific musical and lyrical examples that serve as prototypes for those soon-to-come genres
– use citations and quotations to specifically support your argument
– do not focus on a chronological biography of your artist. Their childhood, their parents, etc, should only be mentioned if specifically relevant to the goals of the paper
– off the top of my head, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Ornette Coleman, Marvin Gaye, perhaps Wendy Carlos or John Cage, etc, would all be strong choices. But there are many other possible options too.
– files submitted as PDF by 5:00pm 12/18/20, files named HRM1 Final Lastname Firstname (e.g. “HRM1 Final Smith Jack”)
– extensions granted only w/ prior discussion or in cases of verifiable emergency