History of Religion-Order now from essaywritingagents.com

History of Religion-Order now from essaywritingagents.com
Does one of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have a greater claim to dogmas of peace than another.  Which has more peaceful rhetoric in scripture? E.g., does the Bible have more peaceful or more violent verbiage than the Quran? Which one of them, if any, can make a claim to peacefulness historically? E.g. which faith has caused more damage, more violence over time? How did or do they justify violence? 
Which faith, other than your own, do you find most interesting or most compelling. Compare this religion to your own beliefs (point by point as much as possible).  Give examples from the assigned sources. Why is one set of ideas more convincing than the other? Do not just talk about your own faith or non-belief, this is a comparative exercise.
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