History of Sport, Games and Culture, The Birth of Modern Sport

Answer Question 1 and then answer either one of the remaining two questions. Your answers should be typed in 12-point font, double spaced, with one-inch margins, referenced in APA style, include page numbers, and submitted as a Word document via the Turn-it-in link on our course page on CANVAS. You are expected to write a minimum of 2 pages for each answer. Submit both answers in one single document and clearly indicate which questions you are answering. Be sure to use (and directly reference) the chapter readings we have covered in class as a foundation for your arguments. You MUST answer Question 11. You are in an argument with a good friend who is explaining to you that sport and physical activity are not really important in the history of the world. Your friend tells you that politics, racial divisions, class divisions, nationalism, global industries, educational systems, and other such forces have shaped the modern globe but that sport and physical activity are just fun and games, idle amusement unrelated to any larger historical issues. Sport and physical activity are just not significant in modern history claims your friend. Please explain why your friend is wrong. Use five examples from the semester to substantiate your arguments (You can use examples from any level covered).Answer one of the following two questions:2. Although many people argue that sport is separate from politics, the history of sport tells a different tale. Using examples, explain how governments, states and politicians have used sport for political gain during the 20th Century. (Only use level 3 historical content)3. Although modern sport theoretically creates a “level playing field” between participants, it is clear that it also reproduces social issues of inequity, injustice, and exclusion. Using your historical knowledge, discuss some examples of how modern sport has not always been open, accessible, and welcoming to female athletes. (Only use level 3 historical content)

1. Clearly show which question you are answering and where one answer finishes and the next begins.2. Avoid long direct quotes. You are being assessed on how you can explain and interpret ideas from the course in your own words.3. Be sure to directly reference the textbook in your answers. Outside sources are encouraged, but not mandatory.4. Ground your answers in the history covered in the relevant level of the class. If the examquestions are in level 2, then ONLY use content from level 2 to answer the questions.5. If the question asks for examples then it is important you use examples.6. Please submit BOTH answers in one single document.