History Research Paper, Marine Corps Birthday

I am a Marine so please write from my perspective, the topic I chose to write about is the Marine Corps Birthday. I have attached my prospectus for this paper. 
These are the guidelines from the instructor.
1) 6-7 pages, double-spaced, size 12 font, use Microsoft Word.
2) A title page is required. It should include the following: the title, your name, date, my name, and title of class.
3) A works cited/bibliography page is also required. I want you to use between 4-7 sources. If you use specific websites as a source, make sure they are academic based. History.com, Britannica.com –sites that end in EDU or ORG are all acceptable. You can even use Wikipedia–but do not overuse it. It should not be the main driver of your paper. Books are an excellent source for a research paper. The title page and bibliography page does NOT count as part of the 6-7 pages. You need 6-7 pages of content. Your paper should have an intro, body, and conclusion.
4) In terms of the format, you can either use MLA or Footnotes. For examples, go to owl.purdue.edu. If you decide to use MLA, be sure to cite your source in the text. The authors last name and page number will suffice. Here is an example: (Smith, 33-36).

I am not as strict as other instructors when it comes to formatting but please do your best. If there is a pattern of mistakes, however, you will be penalized. Here is an example of citing a book on your bibliography page:

Mary Anderson, Cold War Civil Rights (University of Notre Dame: 2012).

*Although grammar, punctuation and flow of the paper is part of the grading process, what is most important to me is the substance of the paper, and your ability to compile sources and construct a well-researched and meaningful story.