In this course you will write two 5-8-page papers in response to prompts. Papers should be typed, double-spaced, and in a common 12-point font, such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Courier. You should reference the books and readings in the class, include quotes, and use information and data from the lectures and readings to support your argument. You should also have a solid thesis statement that lays out the paper’s argument, as well we providing a “map” or the paper’s structure.

Paper Prompt:

Based on what you have learned from the lectures and readings of the course, discuss the relationship of the modern world and the Holocaust.  Is the Holocaust one (but perhaps not the only) result of the modern world itself?  Do things like industrialization, mass media and politics, bureaucratization, and science lead to the Holocaust, or are these things incidental, not really an essential part of the Holocaust?  In particular, are there characteristics of modernization (industrialization, bureaucratization, mass media, science, etc.) that made the Holocaust more likely to happen?  Did the Holocaust HAVE to happen once we had built a modern society with these things?  Did the dehumanization that occurred in the Holocaust relate to the larger anonymity of modern society?  Finally, are future Holocausts going to happen, or are they preventable?  In answering this question, you should use as many concrete examples and ideas as possible from the readings, especially Survival in Auschwitz, the Niewyk book, and Ordinary Men.