How Has the Job of Teaching Changed and How Have Teachers Helped Change It?

A good paper makes a clear argument (your opinion), based on specific evidence. This means, for example, that in answer to the first question, a paper should clearly state your opinion about how teaching has changed and why it has changed. Your point of view must be clear. But so must the evidence on which your point of view rests; just because I think so is not sufficient. The argument may either be about the historical interpretation of the documents or about current events but it must be clear and specific.
Each paper must include:

A specific citation from at least one primary source among those assigned for the unitthat is from a historical document in Fraser (2019), The School in the United States. Using more than one source or making comparisons among primary sources is strongly encouraged.
A specific citation from at least one other source, besides those in Fraser (2019), either assigned in one of the asynchronous classes or that you find elsewhere.
Please name your assignments consistently using the following format:
YourName_PaperName.doc (e.g. brewer_teacherpaper.doc; brewer_studentpaper.doc, etc.)
Accepted document formats include .doc, and .docx. Do not submit documents in pdf or .rtf format.