how HIV negatevily impacts the human body

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Core Assessment
Students will complete an integrative project that includes a background report, interview and theoretical analysis of a specific, target topic related to the development of human sexuality, gender identity, gender roles, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunctions or atypical sexual variations (for example, a target topic related to gender identity might be transsexualism; or a target topic related to gender roles might be women in the workforce or stay-at-home fathers). 
After selecting a target topic, students will complete a report that highlights key research, findings and information relevant to the topic.In addition, the student will interview 2 individuals on their attitudes, values and beliefs in relation to the target topic. Finally, the students will complete a theoretical analysis of the interview information in which they compare and contrast interview findings to address the biological foundations, social pressures, and cultural influences that may contribute to the attitudes, values or beliefs revealed through the interviews.  
Core Assessment Discussion
There is a discussion area in Unit 2 that will allow you to post your project topic and any questions or concerns you may have about the assignment. The Instructor will provide feedback. This is not part of your Core Assessment grade.
Core Assessment Paper Outline
A brief outline of your Core Assessment paper with a Reference page will be due at the end of Unit 3. 
3 to 5 pages utilizing scientific information found in books, journal articles, popular media and the Internet; provides an informational base from which the topic can be understood.
2 to 3 pages that summarizes findings for each of the 2 interviewees (you do not need to include a transcript of the actual interview; summarize comments of each person into a cohesive report).
Theoretical Analysis
3 to 5 pages that utilizes information learned in the class and research concerning biological foundations, social pressures and cultural influences of sexuality; in this section of the paper, students will apply what they have learned to interpret and analyze the interview findings from a scientific perspective.
Peer Reviewed References
An important part of the Core Assessment is to include articles that are peer reviewed or from a scholarly journal (e.g., Journal of Human Sexuality, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Journal of the American Medical Association, ect.).
According to the American Psychological Association (APA)
As one of the core principles of the scientific community, the process of peer review ensures that only those research proposals with the highest scientific merit receive funding from federal agencies. Since 2003, APA has been continuously engaged in work to educate policymakers on this issue and to defeat numerous congressional attempts to rescind funding for peer-reviewed research at the National Institutes of Health as well as the National Science Foundation.
• Style and Grammar:
• Information must be organized, presented and referenced using APA style. Paper must include 5 references in addition to the interviews. Paper should be a minimum of 10 pages (plus title and reference pages).