How to apply it to the business in the hospitality tourism industry

Marketing is frequently seen as a creative field in companies,where companies create campaigns to share the brand with the world and delightthe customers. However, there is an aspect of marketing that may not seem verycreative at first glance, but has great strategic importance called”marketing analytics”. This paper will examine the analytical fieldof marketing that creates more accurate and efficient strategies based on data.It will go into understanding what marketing analytics is, why it is important,and how to apply it to the business in the hospitality tourism industry. Also,the main tools that are using and who should perform marketing analytics. Thispaper will study the understanding of consumers’ behavior and how to monitorcompetitors. In addition, how to track, collect and display data. The purposeof this study is to measure strategy performance, determine the return oninvestment from strategies, and how to make data-driven marketing decisions.Furthermore, provide recommendations about mistakes that should be avoided toget the best result. It is hoped this study will inform analysts and marketingand tourism industry workers to understand the importance of data analysis andits significant impact on revenue development and increasing investmentreturns.
     Keywords: data,analytics, marketing, strategies, revenue.