how to find a job?

Persuasive Speech How to Find a Job

 You are required to find an article about your college major:

The article must be current no older than 2018.  You can use a .com or any other Url or website address.
The article MUST address three questions:  1)  What type of jobs can I obtain with the degree (WITHOUT ANY EXPERIENCE ?, 2) Where are the jobs at? And 3) What (ACTUAL NOT AN AVERAGE) starting salary will I earn.
CAUTION: Please remember the job be an entry-level job NOT requiring ANY experience.
You MUST attach a copy of the article Please remember Blackboard can ONLY recognize a PDF file format or a JPEG file format (for pictures) NO LINKS ACCEPTED!!

After locating the article.  Briefly answer the 3 questions listed above (Prepare a typed document answering the 3 questions, using 1 3×5 card the results contained in the article, and also what you learned that can help you be better prepared for the career of your choice.  Verbal presentation 90 seconds maximum.
You then MUST locate, print, and submit an actual job advertisement that is entry-level requiring your degree.  REMEMBER: it must be an entry-level job ONLY requiring your degree. 
CAUTION #2, Remember the article MUST address the 3 questions listed above.  If the article fails to address All 3 questions listed above will result in a reduction in the grade for this speech documentation and the presentation.