HRM 404 SLP 3


Discuss the top five metrics you think are the most critical to an organization’s HR function and defend why you have selected them. Present an example of each (applying numbers and explaining what they represent. Explain what value each metric is to HR and provide examples of decisions that might be made based on the analysis. Be sure to include some graphics in your presentation (charts, tables, etc.).

Your assignment may be either a written paper (3 full pages), or a slide presentation (7-9 slides with voice over). The slide count does not include the cover slide, any questions slide(s), or reference list slide.

Assignment Expectations

Demonstrate critical thinking and analysis of the issue.

Recommend two sources for additional information that you include at the end of your submission (do not use course background information as your additional information). Sources used must be valid and reliable and come from the Trident Online Library. At least one of the two references must be from a peer-reviewed academic journal and not on the list of readings for this Module.

Cite sources of information actually utilized to prepare your handout. Sources used must be valid and reliable and may come from the course itself or from the library.

Proofread your work and make sure it is as professional-appearing as possible.

Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this assignment:

  • Assignment driven criteria
  • Critical thinking
  • Scholarly writing/oral communication
  • Assignment Organization and Quality of References
  • Timeliness