human behavior

Sociologists are always trying to figure out big questions surrounding human behavior (why do people behave certain ways? or what causes certain human behavior? etc.). There are a variety of ways to conduct research and some types are better suited to helping find answers under certain conditions or certain constraints (such as what kind link between variables are you looking for? or how much time or money do you have for doing the research?).
First, if you were going to do any kind of research on human behavior, what type of human behavior would you study and why do you want to study this particular human behavior?(e.g. Why does this behavior interest you at all; is it personal to you, is it something that happened to someone you know, etc.?)
Second, before you even do any research about the behavior, what’s your best guess what’s going on with the behavior in #1? In other words, write a testable hypothesis statement that could be used when conducting research about the human behavior in #1 (write the statement in the form of an “if-then statement”).
Third, if you could do research on the human behavior of your choice in #1 above, which research method from the chapter would be most appropriate for doing your research? Give a short description of how you would go about doing your research using this method.