Human Identity in a Globalized Society

26Jan 2022 by

In this forum, I would like you to respond to what you have learned this week about the time and place you were born and what that means for you (rather than in an area or location you read about in chapter 3), your ancestry, and how modern society may be influencing you and your generation. You will be reacting to your reading as well as the videos posted this week.
Respond to at least 2 of the bullet points below in your own thread, and also respond to at least one other student this week.
Why is critical thinking necessary when we assess race and ethnicity as a basis for social identity? Is race as a classification a legitimate way we define ourselves and others?  Do you think we are moving to “one global community”? What do you observe that supports that idea?  Do you think that it is likely that humans will begin to see their identity in terms of one global community? Why or why not?How has globalization affected you – for the good or the bad? Your family? Your community? Try to reflect on how the way of life of people in your family history is different than yours and the influence of globalization on those differences. In your social context, is globalization seen as a bad word, or as a welcome idea, and why? In our introduction week, we each did a “Bio Poem” to introduce ourselves. In a sense, we are sharing our identity with each other. Reflecting back on that project, what are some ways that you defined your identity? Does any of the material this week cause you to think about who you are, and how you came to be who you are, any differently?Strive for Educationally Valuable Talk (EVT) by posting thoughtful, thorough responses to the topic and/or presentations of new perspectives, questions, or references to encourage further thinking and critical thinking.