Human Resource Management

Submit a paper which is about 4-pages in length, exclusive of the reference page, and double-spaced. The paper should cite sources independent of the textbooks using APA format.
You have been hired by a company to help them diversify their workforce — your choose the type of company.   Write a proposal to present to the Senior Management staff that addresses how to begin this diversification.  Assume the business that has hired you is committed to training and education of people who have the talent, but may need some professional development, coaching, mentoring, etc.    The CEO and Vice President for Human Resources have met with you and made it clear that diversity of all types is important, including cultural, gender and sexual orientation; they believe in inclusivity in the broadest of terms.
This company is looking for a proposal that is integrated into all key functions of the organization, including, Recruitment and Selection; Training and Development; Pay and Incentives; Performance Management and Appraisal; and anything else appropriate to the type of organization you choose. You should consider the geographic region where the company is located and the demographics of the people who live nearby.  Along with proposal include recommendations for policies and procedures that need to be considered as part of this effort.  
The choice of business is yours, your paper should include start with a brief description of the business and where it is located.
Assessment Criteria

Description of business and geographic location is included and provides enough detail to set the stage for the rest of the proposal
Paper includes a description of the overall plan for diversification that makes sense given the business itself and where it is located
Paper includes proposal for recruitment and selection of employees
Paper includes proposal for training and professional development
Paper includes proposal for restructuring pay and incentives
Paper includes proposal for performance management and appraisal
Paper includes recommendations for policies and procedures that need to be added, updated or changed
Writing Organization
Use of Research and References