I need this back in 12hrs

Describe Socialization 
a- Define what it means?
b- Note any insights from Nurture vs Nature (Biology vs Environment) 
c- Any Sociological Theoretical Explanation for Socialization (Cooley, Mead, Goffman)
d- Outline the Agents of Socialization (How many agents you Identified)
e- What do they mean by Anticipatory Socialization, Re-socialization, Sandwich
2-Explain the role one media source has played in your own Socialization. 
a- Name the media source. 
3-Identify the Agent(s) of Socializations that have had the greatest impact on your life? 
a- State Why?
4-Provide one example that Socialization has taken place in one of the groups you are apart off 
or a group you currently belong too (could be a small, medium size, or lager group – you choice) 
a- You choose the group
5-Share how social influence (another person, members of a group, you family and/or a peer, 
your partner or significant other; teachers/schools/work colleagues – your choice) have impacted 
your decision making (or choices). Provide one example (your choice) 
a- You choose the example
After you gather your responses from the guidelines above, type your responses, and add an brief
introduction and a brief conclusion.