This assignment should be at least 500 words long and should include at least two outside sources, one reference to your text, and adhere to APA citation guidelines. Please submit your assignment in Microsoft Word format. 
Part 1: Defining the IBP
In your own words, referencing your text as necessary, define and/or explain what you would find in each of the following aspects of the IBP:

Situation Analysis
Objectives (include an explanation of the difference between sales and communication objectives)

Part 2: Applying the IBP
Select an advertisement for one of the two favorite brands you identified in Week One and present the advertisement to your client as though you are the Advertising Agency. Include a copy or link to your ad, and then prepare a document with each of the following sections:

Introduction: (How would you introduce this ad to your client? What is your creative angle?) This section should be about 1 to 2 paragraphs
Situation Analysis: (Why do they need this ad? What problem does it solve for the brand? Why should they hire you? What is the history of the brand? What are the brand’s competitors?)
Objectives: (What do you believe the company/brand will gain from this ad/campaign? Please go beyond “increase sales”. That is the obvious answer. I want to know what the deeper point of the ad is.)
Budgeting: (How much will it cost to advertise the brand? I don’t expect you to know the exact value of media buys, but do some research and take your best guess. I want to see that you can present a budget to your client)
Strategy: (What strategies will you use to execute this campaign? What brand position will be used in this campaign? Will this be a high-frequency ad? Will you use a celebrity? Will there be a social media component? etc.)