Identify an important, current, and controversial issue in student affairs and collect resources addressing the issue

Rationale: Student affairs professionals are often called upon to prepare: (1) written documents explaining complex issues for senior administrators; (2) proposals for new programs; or (3) documentation of the need to continue existing programs. Since the person writing the document often has more expertise in the area than senior level administrators or faculty it is important to be able to write substantively, clearly, and concisely about an issue.
Guidelines: Identify an important, current, and controversial issue in student affairs and collect resources addressing the issue. Make sure that a reasonable argument for and against each issue can be made. For example, one cannot reasonably argue for sexual assault or harassment. One can argue the merits of a particular policy on sexual harassment or adjudicating cases of sexual misconduct.To prepare an issue paper, choose a topic and read the relevant literature. Sources for securing information on issues include (but are not limited to): Journal of College Student Development, Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, Journal of Higher Education, Review of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, About Campus.
Since a major purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the professions literature base, citations from the popular press (e.g., Boston Globe, Time Magazine, USA Today, New York Times) and student newspapers should rarely be used-and if at all only as an introduction to the issue.  The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed are good source for topics but are not refereed journals. NOTE: If a report or a publication is noted in the Chronicle or Inside Higher Ed you need to go to that source, not rely on these secondary sources.  Each issue paper must include at least three references and at least one should be from a refereed journal.
You will write issue papers using this format:(1) Introduce the Issue(2) Make a compelling argument for the issue.(3) Make a compelling argument against the issue.(4) What would your decision be? Why do you believe as you do?(5) What are the implications of your position for student affairs practice?
As one purpose of this assignment is to learn to write in APA style, your paper (including references and citations) must follow APA7 guidelines as given in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Issue papers may not exceed 600 words (does not include reference page). Do not include a cover page. Use the word count function in Word and type the word count at the end of the paper. (e.g., Word count = 598).