if you were an IRB

Kim Kardishian wants to study the impact of watching sexually suggestive/explicit television on people’s attitudes toward sex. She plans to test 7th graders because she believes they are still young enough to be highly impressionable. She will solicit volunteers to come after school. Half will be assigned to watch one hour of sexually explicit clips from a cable TV show while the other half will view an hour of clips from the same show that deal with nonsexual topics. After watching the TV shows, all participants will fill out a questionnaire about the attitudes toward sex.

What you need to do

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Come up with a potential hypothesis for this study.
  2. What are the variables in this study?  
    1. Please indicate the ID and DV
  3. What are potential moderating (alternative/confounding) variables?
  4. As an IRB member, what additional information might you want to know about the study in order to decide whether or not it should be approved?
  5. Who needs to give informed consent to participate in this study?
  6. What are the benefits that might result from this research? What are the potential harms?
  7. If you were on an IRB reviewing this proposal, what would your recommendation be?
  8. Is deception necessary in this study?  Why or why not?