Immediate Actions and Long-term Recommendations

Deliverable Descriptions Week 2: Immediate Actions and Long-term Recommendations 

       Due by the end of Week 2 at 11:59 pm, ET.

Write a minimum of 250-word report to the physician, nurse clinical leader, and hospital executive team that includes a brief restatement of the scenario and identifes the problem and the immediate steps and long-term recommendations you will make to address the issues described in the scenario. Use at least one scholarly reference in your report to support your recommendations.

Points to include as you write your report:

       Identify the problem(s)

       Immediate and long-term actions to address issue

       Basic management techniques you would use in addressing the issues in the scenario

       Technology and resources you used to evaluate the information needed to address the problem

Grading Criteria:

       Content 70 points

       APA Formatting 20 points

       Mechanics 10 points