impact of drug use on human body(cause snd effect)

Purpose: For this essay, we will explore what makes an argument persuasive and the techniqueswe could implement into our own writing. This essay will primarily focus on researchingcontroversial topics, introducing supporting details, and analyzing opposing arguments/claims.Instruction:For this essay, you will research and write about a controversial issue currently beingaddressed or ignored in society. In doing so, you will argue for or against that particular topic andprovide outside sources that both support and oppose your arguments.This particular essay will primarily focus on the following:●Introducing a controversial topic and effectively arguing for or against that topic.●Introducing opposing arguments related to the topic, which the writer will either refute or concede.●Constructing a clear thesis statement that will serve as a roadmap for the essay.●Researching the general claims/arguments pertaining to the controversy surrounding your topic and the greater impact it has on society, culture, etc.●Providing supporting details that serve as textual evidence to help strengthen arguments/claims.●Analyzing the overall structure of the essay and creating outlines to organize thoughts/main ideas●Properly learn how to utilize in-text citations and craft work cited pages in MLA formatObjective: Write a 4-6 pageessay about a controversial topic of the writer’s choosing, which theywill effectively argue for or against that topic. A good persuasive essay will:– Establish a clear perspective that argues for or against a controversial issue/topic– Organize information in a way that engages readers and establishes context– Use tone and language appropriate for a public audience– Incorporate textual evidence and supporting details that strengthen arguments– Provide the reader with new information that allows them to view the topic in a new light– Be free of mechanical and grammatical errors– Show development through each step of the writing processGrading Rubric:The following rubric will be used to evaluate this essay.Significance/Argument – Use of information to establish context, importance 50 Pts.Word Choice/Language – Concise language, vivid verbs, smooth transitions 50 Pts.Organization – Ordering of information and development of significance10 Pts.Grammar/Mechanics – Spelling, punctuation, and sentence fluency 10 Pts.In-text Citations/Work Cited – Properly utilizes MLA Format 30 Pts.Total: 150 Pts.Due Dates and Formatting:– This assignment should be typed, double-spaced, and adhere to MLA format.