impact of online romance and technology

online romance and technolgy can be the subject
paper submitted to turnitin

write a paper about the impact technology has had on society (Hint: What will you prove in this paper? What do you want to convince the world of when it comes to technology?)
Compose a 4 paragraph argumentative essay. Your essay will be graded on:
1. Proper MLA (header, heading, title)
2. Proper grammar and mechanics
3. Four indented paragraphs
4. Use of transition words.
5.  No outside research /no quotes or citations (Remember, this is your argument only/do not use internet sources.  The goal of this paper is for you to learn how to develop a convincing argument).
6. NO I, My, You, Your voice in the entire paper.
Pick about 3-5 transitions for every body paragraph (no not use the same transition twice).
ou need 10-16 sentences for each body paragraph. Do not use quotes or internet research (this paper is for you to learn how to write your own academic argument); therefore, give examples and explanations and reasons why your point/s are important.