Impacts of Discrimination on Mental and Psychological Health

The purpose of this assignment is to draft and submit a complete, organized, detailed outline and final draft of your research paper in APA format, with sources cited and referenced accurately. 
Adhere to the following guidelines for drafting and submitting your outline and final draft:

Use standard alphanumeric outline format
Include your thesis at the top of the page before you start your outline
Include APA in-text citations for at least three scholarly sources
Include an APA formatted reference page
Include a title page
Use current APA Style throughout

The paper is written to report on that research and offer answer(s) to the original question.
Include the following in your 4–5 page (not including the required cover page or reference pages) final paper:

Title page
Pose the research question (introduction) Discuss the thesis/present the information and research /draw conclusions (body)
Reference page with a minimum of three scholarly references and appropriately used in-text citations for each