Implement nurse call light bundle to increase patient satisfaction scores

This draft should include the first 2 sections (Title, Intro/Background/Aim) of the project as outlined in the Guidelines for Quality Improvement Project handout. You must create Power Point slides using the Guidelines for Power Points handout.  Both are attached here and in the Course Overview and Introduction folder.  Here is where you begin to develop your final presentation. You must include the following:

Title slide:  introduce your project and yourself – notes should also welcome guests
Identified problem slide:  identifies the clinical issue you will address, must contain supporting internal data – notes discuss the bulleted content 
Demographics slide:  identifies the populations targeted to benefit from the intervention, to conduct the intervention, and the setting for your project – details should be provided for each of the 3 – notes should reflect content
Background slide(s):  contains external data that supports the problem with cited references – notes discuss bulleted content and for cited evidence, provide discussion of the type of evidence with acknowledgment of the authors
Evidence Appraisal Summary (This slide will include a summary of your evidence. APA references don’t have to be on this slide as you will have a reference slide at the end,but do cite your sources where applicable.
AIM Statement slide:  contains only the statement with proper formatting
Stakeholders slide:  identifies key stakeholders – notes discuss the stake they have in the proposed change
Reference slide(s):  contains a list of cited sources in APA format

Narrative notes must be included for every slide in the notes section of the slide.  They should read as a script to discuss the slide content.  They do not contain citations or quotations.  
This first draft should be from 7-8 slides in length.  See the attached Power Point for a visual example of expectations for slide appearance and notes.