Implementation Plan: Instructions from the RFP

 Implementation Plan Proposal Draft

Implementation Plan: Instructions from the RFP

This section describes how to implement the program.  Detail exactly what needs to be completed by program staff, how, and when, if the proposed program were to be funded. A Gantt chart may be included as an attachment, to visually illustrate the timing of the program. This section is expected to include applicable elements such as:

Implementation approach and timing (e.g. pilot, phased-in, full)
The creation and support of advisory group(s), coalitions, or community partnerships
Staffing plan, including staff qualifications (desired, expected, required) and potential staff training (e.g. curriculum training, advocacy training, diversity training)
Development of program materials and/or curriculum, including training and piloting staff training
Participant recruitment, including how participants will be notified, recruited, sustained
Facilities and/or equipment needs  that will be utilized for implementation
Other administrative activities that will support program effectiveness

Implementation Draft & Peer Review Instructions
Step 1: Use your proposed strategies and activities to determine what processes and tasks are necessary in order to prepare for the implementation of your program.
Step 2: Use your Gantt chart to help you organize your ideas for this section.
Step 3: Develop an outline and write a 3-4 page draft for this section of the proposal.
Step 4: Upload your draft to the assignment in Canvas.
Step 5: Submit a comprehensive peer review for your assigned peer.


Use headings to organize your sections.

Start with the heading for the section as a whole “Implementation Plan” and then use sub-headings (ex. Staffing, Staff Training, Materials, Recruitment, etc.) for the specific considerations that you will be discussing.

Start with an overview of the implementation plan by describing the rationale for the implementation approach.
Use sub-headings to introduce and explain each implementation process or task

For example. If you are going to utilize an advisory group in your program (highly recommended), explain the purpose of the group and describe how the program staff will identify and invite group members and arrange and manage group meetings.

Error on the side of detail and depth.
Explain the implementation plan as if you are trying to tell a staff member or colleague about their work responsibilities for the program.

If you have consulted or used any resources to guide your ideas, be sure to include these sources in your citations and reference list.