Implications of Foreign Policy dynamics towards SAARC functionality

1/ It is a literature review that will require proper APA citation and it is required as a part of my undergrad thesis.

2/ The topic is how Foreign Policy has affected and undermined SAARCs (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) capacity to function as a regional organization in South Asia. Please note that the literature review should have a specific focus on INDIAS foreign policy towards other SAARC member states and in South Asia in general as a case study and how it has impacted SAARC and its ability. (maybe look into Indias foreign policy in a global context as well). 

3/ The literature review should be divided into key themes and most importantly: A GAP IN THE   KNOWLEDGE and what it means for the research topic. 

4/ Please ensure this literature review after completion is not recorded in any data base as I will have to submit it through turn it in (plagiarism checker). P.S. I have included below an abstract of my paper as further reference.