Individual Project Unit 2 :Effective Responding Skills

You will be interviewing multiple individuals during this course. This week, choose at least 1 partner to practice effective communication response skills.

You can communicate understanding using the following formula in your responses: “You feel…because…” For example, when responding to an employee’s core emotion you may say, “You feel angry because your hours were cut.”

  • Use 15 20 emotions that you feel you can identify as common emotions from this .
  • With a partner (face-to-face if possible) practice the “You feel…because…” formula using your list of emotions.
    • To do this, 1 partner should attempt to mimic an emotion from the list, and the other should try to identify it.
  • If you cannot find a partner, you may use the Web site’s examples to complete your assignment.

In an APA-style paper