Instructions – Answer all question to the best of ur ability – Make sure the ans-Order now from

– Answer all question to the best of ur ability
– Make sure the ans-Order now from
Instructions– Answer all question to the best of ur ability– Make sure the answers u provide for 100% factual and proven in detail and given examples too-Research the topics that you don’t know about– Take some ideas from the lectures from my proffesor (Put it in your own words)– Try to hand this as easy as possible the easrlier it gets here the bigger the chnaces I would hire u again.– Make sure it’s formated MLA format and that each quote or citiation are quoted in MLA format-Keep me updated each day about the writingQuestion 1 (1000 words)What were the factors that caused the Bengal Famine?Compare the British structural changes in India to the structural changes in Iran by America inthe 1950’s. What was the role of the CIA?How did American interests cause the death of labor union leaders in Colombia, according toDaniel Kovalik, the human rights lawyer whom I spoke of in our tenth lecture.Question 2 (1000 words)Explain how the concept of the “White Man’s Burden” during times of Colonization has beenreplaced by the concept of “Modernity and the Green Revolution” when it comes to agriculturein India. Please include the consequences of this “Modernity” to the farmers of India.Do you consider “Organic” produce “Modern” or “Traditional”, and why? Please analyze youranswer through the concepts of Vandana Shiva.How is the video “An American in India” (Lecture 6) relevant to this class?Question 3 (1000 words)We studied the photo of a vulture and a little girl in our seventh lecture. Explain the dynamicsof Framing that we discussed in relation to this photograph.On one hand is the concept of Orientalism, on the other hand is a real child suffering in hunger.How would you navigate your analysis between Orientalism, and the child in hunger AFTERyour understanding of Orientalism via Edward Said?Sources ––
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