Instructions Your task is to watch a film that portrays abnormal psychology with-Order now from

Your task is to watch a film that portrays abnormal psychology with-Order now from
InstructionsYour task is to watch a film that portrays abnormal psychology with one of the main characters. You can choose any movie that is relevant and interests you, but if it is one you have seen, you need to watch it again for this assignment. One of the main characters needs to be diagnosable with psychopathology using the information provided in lecture and the summary criteria provided in your text. Click here for some suggested movies Download suggested movies.This paper is meant to be fun, intellectually stimulating, and an academic learning experience. Please choose a movie you will enjoy.You will need to avoid science-fiction, fantasy, and related films (e.g., K-Pax, Donnie Darko, etc.) as these will make it unnecessarily difficulty to do the diagnosing. You cannot write about a film you have written a paper on for another course; that will constitute plagiarism.This paper should be 4-5 double-spaced pages (not less than three, not more than six, not including the reference page) using 12 point Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial fonts. Margins should be 1 inch all the way around.Academic ReferencingYou MUST provide at least one outside reference for this assignment, and it MUST occur in the Treatment section. Your text and the DSM do not count as one of the required references.You need to reference an academic journal article or a book. Do NOT reference my notes or any website.You MUST also reference the DSM-5 in the Diagnosis section.References should be listed on a final separate page that does not count in the 5 page limit.When you reference an article or book, it must be in both the body of the paper and in the final reference list.You cannot reference an article from your book unless you retrieve that article online and read it.You need to format your paper using the following structure AND headings (in bold). You do not need to include the point values. In order to receive full credit, you must address all of the following sections. You must use these as headings for each section of your paper. See the sample paper for an example of the format.Required structure and headings (and point values)The film [10 points]State the film you watched, the character you will describe, and summarize the story as it relates to the character.This should be no more than one-half to two-thirds of a page.Diagnosis and justification [10 points]Provide a DSM-5 diagnosis of the character’s psychopathology and a justification for that diagnosis.The justification will connect the diagnostic criteria to the specific things you have observed with the character.Create complete sentences that use the criteria and the character’s behavior that show how they met that criterion.For example: “Martin showed evidence of compulsions when he washed his hands 25 times in two hours. He felt that he had to do this and had very particular rules he had to follow when he washed. Martin believed that his hand washing would prevent him and others from ever getting sick and even dying by washing his hands.”Notice in the example that both criteria for compulsions are met in the description.Do NOT bullet or list the criteria as they are in the DSMRemember to briefly discuss the general criteria (e.g., impairment in role functioning, causes subjective distress) as they relate to what makes a problem diagnosable.For the DSM criteria, you can use the DSM-5 online from the SJSU library (Links to an external site.).Even though it isn’t the hard copy, the reference for the DSM is as followsIn the body of the paper itself use (American Psychiatric Association, 2013) the first time, and (APA, 2013) thereafterWhen you include it in your reference section, use this: American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.See the handout on how to access the DSM online at the SJSU library Download handout on how to access the DSM online at the SJSU libraryif it is helpful.This section will likely be one page.The character’s behaviors [10 points]Describe what you see the character doing that is beyond the behaviors seen in the diagnosis that you find important to understanding them.Discuss one or two strengths AND one or two weaknesses of this person that helps us better understand them at a broader level than just the diagnostic label. State why you think these might matter with respect to their struggles or treatment outcome.With weakness, you need to describe one or two behaviors that are different from what you listed with the diagnosis. Do NOT repeat diagnosable features here (e.g. “She was really obsessive about germs” for a character you diagnosed with OCD.)This section will likely be one page, maybe more depending on the character’s complexity.Treatment [15 points]You MUST use at least one reference in this section from an academic journal or scholarly work as it relates to a treatment that was used or should/could be used for the character.Do NOT simply suggest medication as an intervention. Be certain to suggest (or add to) a treatment that is psychologically based from the literature.Discuss how did the character improved in the story, and/or how they would/could be treated to help them improve?If the character did improve, why did this occur?Was the way in which the character improved reasonable or accurate given what you now know about the treatment of psychopathology? If not, answer the next question.What other treatment would you recommend?Use the literature here to support your choiceIf the character didn’t improve (or improved for implausible reasons), suggest a treatment or intervention. Why do you think that would help?Again, use the literature here to provide a solid rationale for your choice.This section will likely be one page, maybe a little more.Me as clinician [10 points]Discuss how you experienced viewing the film for this assignment.How did it affect your viewing of the film to know that you had to evaluate this character to make a diagnosis and suggest treatment?Discuss how it changed your viewing of the film to be in the role of the assessor/therapist/diagnostician.Why might thinking about the role of the diagnostician be important to consider for anyone (e.g., a therapist) making a diagnosis? (Consider what you have learned in the course about biases here.)This section should be one-half to two thirds of a page.Writing and Referencing [10 points]Grammar, punctuation, coherence, spelling, APA style usage all count in the paperDo NOT write in one long paragraph, break up your ideas into multiple paragraphsProvide the DSM-5 reference (see above) AND at least one treatment referenceExample paper is attached, please not that is a sample, you can’t copy from there
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