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On nine different occasions (see schedule below), you will integrate the current material tomaterial previously covered at any point in the course. That is, youll relate one or moretheories, studies, or findings that you came across in the current weeks material with previous material.Ways of doing this could include: explaining how the new material changes your understandingof the old material (e.g., a theory relevant to group dynamics discussed in the current weeksreadings may offer a different explanation for the findings of a study you previously read), designing a follow-up study that integrates the new and old material (e.g., adding a new conditionto an existing study you read previously to account for any new insights inspired by the currentmaterial), or designing a program (i.e., intervention, prevention, or training program for a particular setting) that integrates the new and old material.In each Integration Paper, You will cite more than one source You will follow the APA style guidelines (for the in-text citations and reference list).o At least one source must be from the current weeks assigned material and at leastone source must be from previously assigned material. You will submit each Integration Paper to the instructor via the Assignment link in theapplicable Weekly folder. Your Papers should be approximately 400 words. please include your word count in yourassignment).o Working within limits is an important skill to learn, as limits such as these willappear in various professional settings. It will become easier with practice, I assure you!o Your in-text citations should be included in the word count, however, the reference list should be excluded.

Basically, we are on chapter 13. You should integrate material from this chapter to material covered in the previous chapters and the other two sources of your choosing.

Required Text ( you may chose any other source for the other 2)
Forsyth, D.R. (2019). Group Dynamics (7th ed). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.ISBN-13: 978-1337408851

Whilst writing please keep in mind these notes

o some extent, the paper touches on points of the assignment. The course work was submitted via the assignment link in the applicable folder. The paper is relatively brief in length. [A word count was not provided, as requested in the assignment rubric.] A more in-depth analysis would have likely yielded a more comprehensive submission.
There are writing issues which should be addressed in future papers:
Note that a paper should include a thesis statement to introduce the purpose and scope of the topic. Taking this step helps the reader better understand the logical flow of the paper and provides a sense of how the paper will unfold [e.g. The purpose of this paper is x, y, z, etc. The following topics will be covered in the paper.] Here is some information on to help you with this concept:

A paper should have a beginning, a middle and an end. What is the primary theme of this paper?
A paper should include directional signals so that the reader knows the direction your paper will take. [See Transitions.]
The conclusion of a paper provides an opportunity to tie key paper points together. Please see this information to help you better meet this goal going forward.
Please write in the third person voice and eliminate the use of “I” in submissions.