Integrating Agile and Traditional Project Management Methods

26Jan 2022 by

For this assignment, students will select a company that
they are familiar with either through

direct interactions or via research, and identify one of its
new strategies for the upcoming year

(e.g., Sample strategy: “Expand business by purchasing land
to build a new store”).

Students will define and describe a project that will help
to fully

or partially implement the selected strategy (e.g., Sample
project: “Construction Project – Build

the store”). After defining the project, students should
develop a work breakdown structure

(WBS) and indicate the project management method that the
project team will utilize for

completing each major task and/or work package (agile or
traditional). Students need to justify

their selection of the PM method for the corresponding
task(s). In addition, students should

provide a list of recommendations that could help with the
successful completion of each task

using the assigned PM approach (i.e., best practices for
agile and traditional PM). The following

outline can help to organize the analysis:

• Introduction: A brief description of the company and the
purpose statement.

• Strategy: A detailed description of the company’s existing
strategy or the one devised by

the student.

• Project: A detailed description of the project for fully
or partially implementing the above


• WBS: Breaking down the above project into tasks and work

• Selection of appropriate PM approaches: Placing tasks/work
packages into two categories

of agile and traditional methods.

• Justifying the assigned PM methods

• Recommendations