Integrating the Six Pillars of Character (Packback Question)-Order now from

Integrating the Six Pillars of Character (Packback Question)-Order now from
 The link above explains what and how it’s used PLEASE WATCH 
These are things that DO NOT belong in Packback:

  Questions that are phrased as a statement, not a question
  Questions that are closed-ended (only one “right” answer)
  Posts that are plagiarized or contain mostly quoted content
  Questions or responses that contain profanity or offensive language
  Questions about “class logistics” (tests, homework, schedule)
  Questions or responses that are not related to the subject matter of the community
  Duplicates of other questions or responses already posted
  Questions or responses that are intended for cheating

The goal of Packback is to create a community where everyone is sharing questions that foster valuable discussion, challenge existing ways of looking at the world, and uncover brilliant new ideas for applying class learning to the real world.These are the 3 components of a GREAT question to post on Packback:

It is OPEN for discussion, and can’t just be “Googled” That means it has more than 1 possible valuable response, so that many people can share ideas and discuss.
It SHARES interesting knowledge, source or ideas Great questions share interesting information, sources or ideas from other thinkers, and take them one step further to create a new idea or perspective.
It BUILDS connection between the class and the real world Great questions apply and connect class information to real world problems or concepts from other classes. Some of the most creative new ideas come from combining two unrelated ideas, a technique known as “Combinatory Thinking”.

Here are the other links needed:



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