Interest groups and political parties. Campaigns and elections

Chapter 7
What is the role of Minor parties in US Politics? Discuss minor parties, splinter parties, and the impact they have on the American political system. Give examples. Would you recommend voting for a third party/minor party? Why or why not?  Why is the US still mainly a two party system?
(Look at you textbook pages 168-170) ( 2  to 3 Paragraph minimum- At least 10 sentences.)
Chapter 8
Discuss low voter turnout and what impact it can have on a representative democracy. ( 5 sentence minimum)
What are three things that can help increase voter turnout. ( 4 to 6 sentence minimum)
Discuss the two most important factors that help you decide who to vote for. Does it match the factors that appear in the text? (4 to 6 sentence minimum)