International and Area Critical Analysis

1. In your own words, explain Simon Caney’s argument for the advantages of a human rights approach to climate change compared to the normative frameworks by drawing on specific evidence from the reading and/or lecture (200-300 words, 25 points)
2. Critically analyze Caney’s central argument by explaining its strengths and weaknesses and whether you agree or disagree with it. There is no right or wrong answer to this, but you must explain why and support your perspective with evidence. In other words, go beyond just explaining the author’s point by forming your own argument about it (i.e. critique it, present counter points, introduce new evidence beyond the reading/lecture, etc…). In this answer, also explain if and how this argument changes given the COVID-19 pandemic. (300-400 words, 30 points)
3. Pick at least 1 country (any country!). Find at least 2 pieces of data (separate from the reading or lecture) that are relevant to the country(s) of your choice and the reading/author(s) you discussed in the questions above. Apply the data to the topic you chose and explain why you find the data points particularly interesting or prescient (i.e. explain the data clearly, the context, and relevance to the week’s material). You are free to use any credible source or type of data. The following is a list of excellent sources to help get you started (100-200 words, 20 points):