International Business Sim

What did you learn from your Quarter 3 results regarding:

  • Your product offering? Pricing?
  • Advertising quality? Media selection?
  • Sales performance (units sold/salesperson, sales productivity)?
  • Demand Projection?
  • Manufacturing planning? Setting Operating capacity
  • Financial management?
  • anything else?

In order to analyze your Qtr 3 results and respond to this post, look beyond just the Balance Scorecard score.  Go thru the tabs and sub-tabs in the simulation to analyze your results.

 2.  How will that affect your Quarter 4 decision making?  Please be specific and point to specific data that lead you to the conclusion.

How well did your web sales  progress  what improvement will you make

Reminder:  You should plan to make your initial post early in the week.  I will most likely have comments on your post, which you will need to address if you want to earn full credit for the week’s DB.
Be sure you check back on the DB after you make your initial post. Reply at least twice to your peers and/or instructor.