Interview and Reflection

Interview an older relative (>60 yrs of age).  Ask them about how their leisure activities have changed since childhood and what prompted those changes.  You will need to prepare a list of 10 questions to ask that are related to this topic.  During the interview take notes on the responses to the questions.  Type up the notes and your questions as well as a 1 page reflection paper on the experience and submit as one word document. 

  • Well thought out and meaningful questions
  • Detailed notes provided for interview
  • Reflection paper on the changes in leisure activity with aging (5 pts for analysis supported by evidence from interview, 5 pts for well constructed arguments)
  • Organized, single word document submitted

1) Abstract

Introduce the subject and topic for the interview and the focus of your questions.

2) Provide notes from your interview

Should be organized by the questions you asked (note:  EXACT TEXT OF QUESTIONS Should be provided as part of this document)

3) Reflection paper summarizing the interview and topic of the week minimum 1 page

Document should have 1″ margins, justified 12 pt Times New Roman Font, double spaced. 

Grammar, Punctuation and spelling errors will be deducted at 0.25 pts each.