Issue: Implementing Cultural Effectiveness for Law Enforcement Strategies

The Research Paper: Students are required to write and present an (8-10) page informative or persuasive paper related to multicultural issues/concepts among law enforcement personnel and the community. Papers must be completed according to the American Psychological Association Manual. Students will use the required text Write and Wrong: Writing within criminal justice: Student handbook as a support tool and guide to complete this assignment. Papers will be graded on content, grammar and organization. Plagiarized papers (Cut and Paste) will receive a grade of F and delinquent papers will not be accepted. This assignment will account for 30% of your final grade.

You have just been sworn in as the new Chief of police. Your department is challenged with servicing a growing and diversifying community that has traditionally been predominately white. Your department which has been 90 percent white has just begun to hire more officers to compliment the demographic make up which has gone from being 95 percent white to 60 percent white to 40 percent minority. 20 percent of which is African American and the remaining 10 percent Hispanic 10 percent Muslim American.  

Your paper should be designed as part of your plan you want to submit to the community and community leaders who have expressed concerns of the current state of community police communication and community police relations.