IT Acquisition

Activity 1 Document Requirements: Identify or select a performance problem in a business activity that you believe could be resolved or substantially improved by the acquisition of IT services performed by a contractor selected in open competition as a result of an RFP (request for proposal). The acquisition of IT services may also include the acquisition of IT software and hardware, as needed. Document your performance problem as Activity 1 using Template 1 provided by IT Economics Corporation. 
Please refer to Document T1
Activity 2 Document Requirements: Define and document the requirements to solve the problem you identified in Activity 1. Use Template 2, located in the reference list reading titled T2-Requirements Development.pdf to document the requirements for solving the business performance problem.
Please refer to Document T2
Activity 3 Document Requirements: Identify and document alternative solutions that meet the requirements identified in Activity 2. Use Template 3, located in the reference list reading titled T3T4-Identifying Alternatives.pdf. Fill in the template with your information to complete this activity. Provide at least three alternative solutions. Keep in mind that the status quo is not an alternative solution.
Please refer to Document T3 AND 4
Activity 4 Document Requirements: In this activity, you enter your three or more alternative solutions, analyze them, and rank them based on how well they meet the Activity 4 criteria. (In Activity 6, the risk analysis will be used to screen out all but the two best alternative solutions, taking into account benefits, cost, and risk.) 
Please refer to Document T3 AND 4
Activity 5 Document Requirements: Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for each of your alternative solutions to your performance problem.
The reading (T5-Work Breakdown Structure.pdf) in the reference list leads to the IT Economics WBS reading, which includes an explanation of how to develop a WBS and illustrations of work breakdown structures. The illustrations can serve as a model for your preparation of Activity 5. The explanation and illustrations should give you an idea of the level of detail appropriate for the WBS required for each of your alternative solutions. 
Video: Top Tips for Developing a WBS. Available at:
Please refer to Document T5
Activity 6 Document Requirements: Perform a Risk Analysis on each of your alternative solutions to your performance problem.
The reading from IT Economics Corp., Risk Analysis of Alternative Solutions, includes a risk analysis template along with five broad risk criteria and their definitions. Also, there are three examples of the use of the template to document a risk analysis. Use this template and the risk criteria to conduct and document a risk analysis for each of your alternative solutions. 
In using this template for this course, you are not expected to do as thorough a risk identification as would be required in an actual project. You are expected, though, to identify the major risks associated with the alternative solutions for your project. Also, you need to have a minimum of two viable alternative solutions after you perform the risk analysis and screen out any too-risky solutions. The two best alternative solutions are needed in order to use the remaining templates. The risk analysis can help you to identify areas in which risk mitigate strategies can and should be used.
Please refer to Document T6