-It is crucial ALL assigned topics be covered in the Community Project Paper’. L-Order now from essaywritingagents.com

-It is crucial ALL assigned topics be covered in the Community Project Paper’. L-Order now from essaywritingagents.com
-It is crucial ALL assigned topics be covered in the Community Project Paper’. Leaving out any section of the assigned topics would REDUCE POINTS for your grade. The COMMUNITY PROJECT content area must be a minimum of 10 full pages. A title and reference page are required; these pages are not counted as part of the required minimum 7 pages length. The paper must be in APA formatting. Do not use quotes within your paper. Be sure to document all sources within content of paper.-Select a social problems/issues: Some possible social problems are poverty, human trafficking, institutional racism, environmental racism, climate warming, etc. (Any problem that’s easy to find information on)Please include the following information in your paper:Explain the difference between a social issue and becoming or recognized as a social problem.Research historical aspect of the selected social issue or the social movement. Why and how did it start, is it global, national or state? What is the mission statements or purpose of the movement or organizationReview and summarize the problem through the lens of the sociological imagination.Determine how the social problem or social movement fits into the greater society. How does the social movement benefit or cost society? Does the mission statement/purpose actually meet the needs of the targeted issue? If you are focusing on a social problem first is it a global/national/state/community issue? What organizations are targeting this social issue/problem?How does social class and poverty level relate to your social movement or social issue?Does the current economic trend have an impact on your organization or movement?Describe and analyze possible funding sources. Even social movements must have funding. What are some resources for possible funding? One example is grants.Provide statistics, examples, charts/graphs and videosMust use a minimum of 3 resources; in addition to the textbook.Please analyze and summarize the current social policies and/or laws related to your selected social problem or the policies/laws related to your social movement.FORMATTING: APA Format for research papers: General Guidelines to Follow for Writing the Project Paper1. Topic selected: Why you selected? Provide more than just a sentence at least a small paragraph (5 to 6 sentences)2. Historical and Introduction of selected topic3. Content of Paper: Answer questions in this location.4. Data Results/Main findings of research5. Analysis of Problem: Were you surprised by your findings? Agree or Disagree with the information6. Conclusion: Sum it all up and make recommendations related to possible solutions. What would you do differently?NOTE: Your paper will be reviewed through ‘SafeAssign’. Any percentage over 25% match is considered to high. It is important that all content be summarized in your own words.Do not use quotes within project paper.
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