Journal Entry #5

The journal entry assignment should be straightforward and simple. The point of journal entries is to reflect your personal engagement with the material we’ve covered during a particular week and to connected it to your life, the life of your community, or to take a larger, more macro (bigger) look at it to connect to the whole nation/nations or some world issue. Your journal entry might also discuss what you’ve learned from the week’s material; perhaps the concepts or ideas you found interesting, and why was that so? Or perhaps the concepts and ideas you found confusing, and why? How did you work through the concept you did not understand. These are just some examples of what you can write in your Journal Entries. As long as your journal entry relates to some aspect of our weekly work and you are clear which aspect it is, you can take your journal in any direction you wish. You will have full freedom to engage in these journal entries and allow yourselves to engage the material on a much more personal level. For example, you can also share the stories in these journals that are somehow related to the material we are covering that week. Each journal will be worth thirty points. I hope that you will enjoy these journal entries because, as long as you stay within some parameters of the weekly material, you can make them into anything you want. You can really be creative with them.

For this journal entry, you can do one or multiple of the following:

a) discuss what you’ve learned from this week’s material,

b) Was there something confusing about what you’ve studied this week and how you dealt with it,

c) did the material we’ve covered this week connect to some aspect of your life, the life of your community, or the world,

d) any other take on this week’s material,

e) you have full freedom to make your journal your personal reflection on something that is related to what we’ve studied this week. The topic is ultimately your decision.

The fact that I am giving you complete freedom to make this assignment into your own personal reflection does not mean that you can’t put any work into it and earn a lot of points. I would like to see some decent engagement with whatever you choose to write about and however, you choose to engage the week’s readings, videos, or anything else that relates to the material for this week.

The journal entry needs to be at least two (double spaced) or one (single-spaced) pages long. I’d really like to see you engage in this activity in as creative of a way as you possibly wish. Have fun with it!

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