juvenile deliquency

​The objective of this exam is to evaluate our understanding of important course concepts and theories of delinquency and crime. Please answer ALL essay questions as fully and directly as possible. Make sure to include specific and detailed answers to the questions below and follow the given prompts below. Include examples as appropriate. The exam is a minimum of 5pages in length. This does not include a Works Cited page where you will provide all bibliographic references used in the preparation & writing of your exam. (The exam is worth a total of 100 points and each question is worth 25 points) 
Important Note: Papers that do not meet the minimum length requirement will not score a passing grade on the exam.  
1. What are theories? Why are they important to understanding juvenile delinquency? What have you learned about juvenile delinquency from various theories discussed in class? (bothindividual and group)? How are theories useful in understanding complex social problems like juvenile delinquency?  
2. From Chapter 4, there is a discussion of a variety of theories like “Cultural Deviance Theories,” “Social Process Theories” and others. What is the link between these theories and gangs? What explanations are offered by criminologists on why youth join gangs and actively participate in delinquent/illegal activity?
3. According to Social Learning Theory, delinquency and crime are both “taught and learned” behaviors. Describe what this means in terms of the socialization process, family life, friend selection, etc. 
4. How does poverty “cause” juvenile delinquency? What do the theories we have discussed in class tell you about the relationship between social structure & social process and delinquency? 
Every exam must be a minimum of 5 pages in length. Please use Word and upload a document or .pdf. Make sure to number each answer and to answer ALL questions completely. The paper must be typed, page numbered, double-spaced, 12 font (New Times Roman or similar font), with 1” inch margins on all sides. 
Remember to cite all references used including the textbook in the bibliography (as needed)! In other words, if you are using language and ideas from others in your exam responses, you must cite your source (and include a reference/citations page). The inappropriate utilization/copying of material without providing proper author citation (source) is a serious academic issue and may negatively effect grades.