Knife Skills

We have studied KITCHEN SAFETY and move to Knife Skills Chapter.  After watching the video, practice cutting the following: small dice, medium dice and mincing an onion or a potato.  What kind of knife did you use?  (Yes, I know most or some of you do not own professional steel knives.)  This is a practice session to hone skills. I want to hear what you’ve learned.

Write and upload (here) a minimum of a one page document  that is 12 pt font, double spaced (maximum of two pages) about the preparation, procedure, and cleaning of knives and what, if anything, you learned in your knife practice session.  I would love it if you sent a photo of your cuts as well .  (NOTE: If you live on campus, we have a food pantry that may have a vegetable you can practice on!)


-(Please seperate this from what you write for knife skills so I know which one is which) 

Discuss efficiency in the kitchen. Give examples of ways you might increase efficiency in the kitchen  

If you were to open a restaurant business, what are some thing that you might consider when deciding what equipment to purchase. How might this coincide or affect the menu you wish to serve?